We are
Warriors drop soon

The Warrior IMX Kongz Will be deployed to protect the Jungle And raise the funds for our $1 Million DAO

Genesis Kongz

The first 1000 Kongz
Are now roaming the Jungle

10 Genesis Legendaries
Sold at auction
1 Week Before the Warrior Drop


IMX Kongz Warriors


Phase .01 ✅✅✅

Mid November
The Genesis Drop
1000 unique Kongz

1. On the gas-free land of IMX, 1,000 Unique Genesis Kongz with the ability to create one new Banana NFT a day, are waiting to share their Power of Creation with those they deem worthy of being their Masters. These NFTs they create will become their Masters’ tools to trade for various benefits across the gas-free IMX metaverse.

Phase .02 ✅

One week before Phase .03
10 Legendary Kongz
will be auctioned

Only the strongest Genesis Kongz with unfathomable powers are each handpicked to be the protectors of 10 chosen ones. No, these 10 Legendary Kongz will not be minted like the others. They will be auctioned! Only those with the ability to see their hidden strengths will be able to be their Masters. Will you be one worthy of such an omnipotent creature? Unlike their Genesis counterparts, Legendary Kongz can create TWINS, have a larger governance over the DAO, and have other powers that you will learn of as you get to know your Kong better.

Phase .03

Mid December
Million Dollar DAO - Part 1
The Warrior Kongz Drop

5,000 Warrior Kongz will be deployed to protect the jungle. These valiant Warrior Kongz will be able to breed and protect their families from danger. $1/2 Million of the funds raised by the Warrior Kongz will go directly into the IMX KONGZ DAO. The first goal is to absorb the powers of an original Genesis CyberKong that lives on Ethereum L1, and fractionalize its strength to the Kongzmunity as a Christmas gift. After the ritual is completed, it will remain the governing body of the Kongzmunity, approving any important future decisions. The completion of the Million Dollar DAO will take place in a later Phase, when the jungle is yet again ready.

Phase .05 .06 .07

Q1 2022
Expanding the ecosystem

This is not the end but merely the beginning. The Kongzmunity is fully powered up and ready to Kongquer the Multiverse, one giant step at a time. More details on this phase will be revealed right before the Warrior Kongz Drop.